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1) The Rest of the story

2) Sic Semper Tyrannis

3) Slavery in the South

4) The Blue Cut - Guerrilla Ambush

5) The Fighting Webbs of Jackson County, Missouri

6) Aurora, Sandyhook, Boston and Common Sense

7) Forgetting but not Forgiving

8) Lawrence Raid Sesquicentennial

9) Kansas Civil War History - Not Quite True

10) In War and Peace - Death-Threat, These Slaves were Faithful

11) Yankee Hypocricy

12) Kansas Jayhawker in South Carolina

13) Southern Rights Flag

14) William Clarke Quantrill - Developer of Modern Guerrilla Warfare

15) George Caleb Bingham's Painting, Orders No. 1

16) Who Started the Civil War?

17) Quantrill's Best Recruiting Office

18) Quantrill's Youngest Recruit

19) The Danville Raid 

20) Devils Bend 

21) The Most Unhearalded Civil War Battle in History 

22) First Battle of Independence 

23) Ambrose Powell Hill - The Forgotten General - The Rest of the Story 

24) Buel's Headquarters - First Battle of Independance 

25) Kansas Jayhakwer's Reasons for Fighting 

26) The Early Upbringing of Frank and Jesse james 

27) The True Short History of America and Its People 

28) The Fort Sumpter Plot By Lincoln and Scott 

29) Issues of Slavery in The New World 

30) An In-Depth look into the Personality and Mindset of the 16th President 

31) Summary of Slavery in the United States of America 

32) Politically Incorrect - Black Confederates 

33) Inconvenient Facts  

34) Manaseth Gap - Guerrilla Ambush Site  

35) Finally, a Yankee Lie Revealed and a Legend Rebuffed  

36) The Kansas "Red Legs" as Missouri's Dark Underbelly  

37) The Black Flag at Lawrence

38) Border Retaliation 

39) Yankee Invasion in Texas 

40) Hey! There's a Baby in that Blanket

41) Main Stream Media & Fake News

42) Quantrill's Skirmish as a Guerrilla




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