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IMPORTANT FIND! Go to the Doc Holliday section in the Gallery or the Recent section above to see the REAL last photograph sent to the family of John Henry "Doc" Holliday. Image came  from Robert "Hub" Holliday and George H. Holliday, Doc's first cousins.

Two new sections have been added above. The Recent section will show you all new additions to the galleries of images. The Popular section
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Please see the Biography section above which I have recently updated with new information revealed by the Myers family, the name that Gus Myers changed his name to that lasts to this day, and information about Gus Myers' son as a collector himself. 

Work has been completed on one video, Kate King Quantrill, in media section. It has also been released to YouTube. Work has been completed on a video about Frank James (see above). Other videos are in various planning stages. The next will be concerned with the American Indians and Free Blacks who voluntarily fought and aided Quantrill during the War.  

Please be advised that I am willing to provide water-marked copies of any image free to a family member who can prove ancestry to the guerrilla photographed. 

I will also provide water-marked images for articles and/or books IF the writing does not place these men in a negative light. Promises were made in the past, however, that were not kept in this regard so proof will have to be provided beforehand. 



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This collection is the culmination of my collector's dreams. Every collector or historian hopes that they will find something that will be a real treasure; something of significant value to the subject matter that they have spent years pursuing. For me my purchase of  the August Myers collection was far more than I had ever hoped to find. Like so many opportunities, this came as a complete surprise as I essentially stumbled on the collection while pursuing something else. Please continue to the biography and documentation sections above for full descriptions of what I believe to be a fascinating story of how this collection came to be accumulated and the Quantrill guerrilla who was Quantrill's archivist. Prior to this website, these images were never seen by the public in nearly 150 years.

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Please see my new article on my GG Uncle, Winter Cantey, in the Article section, Article number 10
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"Quantrill and his men have been unjustly slandered by the people of the North, a people who,even to this day, know nothing of them, except what they have read in irresponsible books and newspapers."

"It is not enough that their valor is recognized. It is not enough that their honesty be confessed. We ask of our Northern brother, we ask of all mankind and all womankind a recognition of their patriotism, their love of country, and of liberty...We cannot remain silent, so long as any aspersion is cast by the pen of the historian, or the tongue of the orator upon their patriotic motives, or the loftiness of their purposes throughout that mighty struggle. We make no half-hearted apologies for their acts. It is justice for which we plead, not charity."
Capt. William Gregg, Quantrill's adjutant, in a letter after the War    which webcounter is best
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