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Ever since the end of the Civil War, gross lies and misrepresentations of W. C. Quantrill, the Kansas/Missouri border war, and the Missouri guerrillas have been printed and repeated again and again. Most of the recent misrepresentations have been published by PHDs and Academics who should either know better or do better, more honest research but are to lazy (or pompous) to do so. Perhaps, the continued use of the flawed history can be attributed to more than simple laziness? Perhaps, it is simply prejudice and ignorance. Referenced here is an attempt to suggest books that give the reader another take to the history. However, those books published by Paul Petersen and Donald Gilmore are, unquestionably, the best researched and most fairly presented to date! Others are taken from men who knew Quantrill and fought with him. They are, undoubtedly, somewhat prejudiced but first hand documentation none-the-less.

In my opinion, Emory Ambler Cantey Jr, the finest books writen to date on W.C. Quantrill are:

1) Quantrill of Missouri: The Making of a Guerrilla Warrior, by Paul R. Petersen, Cumberland House, Nashville, Tennessee, 2003

2) Quantrill In Texas: The Forgotten Campaign, by Paul R. Petersen, Cumberland House Publishing, Nashville, Tennessee, 2007

3) Quantrill at Lawrence: The Untold Story, by Paul R. Petersen, Pelican Publishing Company, Gretna, Louisiana, 2011

4) Noted Guerrillas, by John Newman Edwards, Bryan, Brand & Company, St. Louis,

Missouri, 1877

5) Charles W. Quantrell (sic): A True History of His Guerrilla Warfare on the Missouri and
Kansas Border During the Civil War, 1861-1865, As Told By Captain Harrison Trow, One

Who Followed Quantrill Through His Whole Course, by John P. Burch, Copyright 1923 by

J. P. Burch, Vega, Texas

6) Three Years with Quantrill: A True Story told by His Scout John McCorkle, by O. S. 

Barton, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma, 1992

7) Sam Hildebrand Rides Again, by Henry C. Thompson, Reprinted by Walsworth Publishing Company, 1992

8) The Devil Knows How To Ride: The True Story of William Clarke Quantrill and His Confederate Raiders, Random House, New York, 1996

(This work has some serious flaws but is worth reading for some good elements)

9)  The Escapades of Frank and Jesse James, by Carl W. Breihan, Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc., NY, 1974

10) Quantrill and His Civil War Guerrillas, by Carl W. Breihan, Sage Books, Denver, Colorado, 1959

11) Jesse James Was My Neighbor, By Homer Croy, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, New York, 1949

12) The Complete and Authentic Life of Jesse James, by Carl W. Breihan, Frederick Fell, Inc, New York, 1953

13) The Great Cole Younger & Frank James Historical Wild West Show, by John Koblas, North Star Press, St. Cloud, Minnesota, 2002

14) I Knew Frank... I wish I had Known Jesse: Family Friends and Neighbors in the Life and Times of the James Boys, By Samuel Anderson Pence, Twp Trails Publishing, Independence, Missouri, 2007

15) Captain Joseph C. Lea: From Confederate Guerrilla to New Mexico Patriarch, by Elvis E. Fleming, Yucca Tree Press, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 2002

16) The Killer Legions of Quantrill, by Carl W. Breihan, Superior Publishing Company, Srattle, Washington, 1971

17) The Outlaw Youngers: A Confederate Brotherhood, by Marley Brant, Madison Books, NY, 1992

18) Autobiography of Samuel S. Hildebrand, by Kirby Ross and James W. Evans, reprinted by University Press, 2005

19) Confederate Guerrilla Sue Mundy: A Biography of Kentucky Soldier Jerome Clarke, by Thomas Shelby Watson with Perry A. Brantly, McFarland & Co, North Carolina, 2008

20) Judgement at Gallatin: The Trial of Frank James, by Gerard S. Petrone, Texas Tech University Press, 1998

21) Ride the Razors's Edge: The Younger Brothers Story, By Carl W. Breihan, Pelican Publishing Co., 1992

In my opinion, Emory Ambler Cantey Jr, The finest listing of Missouri Guerrillas and short histories that exists so far:

Branded as Rebels,  by Joanne C. Eakins and Donald R. Hale, Wee Print, Independence, Mo., 1993

( This may be purchased from: Donald Hale, 625 Applewood, Lee's Summit, Mo. 64064)

The Finest and most Accurate book in general on the Missouri-Kansas Border War 1858-1865:

1) Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border, by Donald L. Gilmore, Pelican Publishing Company,
Gretna, Louisiana, 2006

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