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Gallery Name Gallery Description Total Images
Jesse & Frank James Images of Frank and/or Jesse James in singles or groups with comparison images for identification only.86
W.C. Quantrill & KateThe most extensive collection of images extant of William Clarke Quantrill and Kate King Quantrill.23
Missouri GuerrillasImages of one guerrillas per image.373
Missouri Guerrillas (pair images)Images of two guerrillas per image.85
Missouri Guerrilla (group images)Groups of three or more guerrillas61
Gus Myers and familyAugust "Gus" Myers and his family including the original photographer E.A. Baldwin.21
African Americans who joined QuantrillAfrican Americans who chose to join Quantrill and were totally loyal to him by choice.8
Cherokee Scouts and spies with QuantrillCherokee Indians who fought for the South and joined Quantrill as Scouts and other individuals who acted as Quantrill spies.12
The Jayhawk, Redleg, and Union Officers in the collectionA few Yankees most hated by the guerrillas in the collection.11
The Missouri guerrilla officersSome of the guerrillas known by their military, partisan ranger ranks.98
James gang members post WarRare images of men known to have been James gang members post war.32
The non-guerrilla images in the collectionImages added by Gus' son, George Myerson, Jr. of famous western American characters purchased from the original photographers and family members 1885-1935 period.96
The Women in the Cause for QuantrillThe heroic women who helped the guerrillas.18
The Youngers and family Images of the James boy's cousins, the Youngers.16
The Fords and LiddilThe images of the Fords and Liddil are identified in the Myers journal but no other comments except that they were traitors.8
Gus Myers Personal itemsThese are items in the collection that were designated as belonging to Gus Myers before, during, and after the Civil War.10
John Henry "Doc" HollidayImages of the famous "Doc" Holliday from the Myers collection and other sources.19
Historical Sites and Current EventsSection covers various historical sites as they appear today in the 21st Century and current events.
This section is dedicated to my friend Edward V. Demmel of Louisiana.

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